Small Business Owners - are the books a real headache for you?

Here’s the Solution - and it’s called BookPals

Accountants - are you tired of receiving shoeboxes full of receipts at tax time?

Here’s the Solution - and it’s called BookPals

Bookkeepers - would life be easier if you could do all the bookkeeping from the comfort of your own home?

Here’s the Solution - and it’s called BookPals

Success Stories:

Annie, Krondorf Trading Co

I love my business, but one thing I hate about it is the bookkeeping.

I don’t “get” accounting and the last thing I want to do is to be sitting in front of a computer typing in numbers while my family impatiently waits for me to come out of the back room to join them.

Well, things have gotten heaps easier now that I have started using BookPals.

BookPals is unlike anything I have ever seen because there is nothing “accounting” about it.

I buy something – I take a picture of the receipt with my phone – I put it up into my BookPals account – that’s it!!!

There is no simpler way to do your bookkeeping – use BookPals.

Claire, Fastidious Finish

It was suggested to me that using BookPals would easily assist me in the smooth running of the bookkeeping aspect in my business.

One thing I really like is how I can just upload my invoices and sales receipts either via the app on my phone or using my computer.

It’s a great way to store all my receipts and eliminates having to keep and file them all!

BookPals is definitely user friendly, easy to navigate around and simple to use.

Also a great way to share information with other people ie accountants etc

I would absolutely recommend BookPals to anyone who is looking at doing their own bookkeeping and it’s also a great way to reduce monthly costs ie paying for a bookkeeper!

Sinead, Pauline R. Murray Accountants

I can definitely see BookPals saving our clients time and money with the ATO.

There will be no reason to miss out on any deductions when they start using BookPals as it is so quick and easy to store all your receipts.

Another great aspect of BookPals is that our clients won’t be rummaging around their cars and desk drawers looking for receipts when we ask for them at tax time.