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It Appears That People Are Looking For A Place Like XLerator – BookPals

It Appears That People Are Looking For A Place Like XLerator

Well, I must say that I am most happy with how people have embraced our new XLerator Community.

The doors have been open for a week now and already we have over a dozen people in there discussing the dynamics of running their businesses.

Some of them you already know from the BookPals Business Sanity podcast – people like Laura De Lacy of Cyberstart Tradie, Sean Kaye from Rapid Action Central and Gordon Kay of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre – and there are also people in there like the Director of the largest bookkeeping institute in Australia, outsourcing professionals, people that provide IT services and even a person who provides services to help people with Dyslexia.

So – what’s stopping you from coming in and checking out XLerator?

There are resources, tools and tips in there to help you with the dynamics of running your business – and now there are some wonderful business discussions in there that are beginning to develop as well – so come in and say hi.

It costs you nothing to join XLerator, so what have you got to lose?

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