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Look What’s Available In The App Store!!! – BookPals

Look What’s Available In The App Store!!!

It has been a long time coming, but look what has just been released inside iTunes –


Yep, now you can do your bookkeeping simply and instantly “on the road” instead of trying to remember where you left your receipts.

And the time has come to stop rummaging through the cracks in your car seats trying to find those fuel and hardware dockets to claim at tax time.

If you are a sole trader small business owner who hates doing the bookkeeping you have to start using BookPals and the BookPals Phone App for three very simple reasons –

1. You don’t have to understand the first thing about bookkeeping to use BookPals

2. You do your bookkeeping with the click of a couple of buttons and

3. You never have to sift through shoeboxes full of receipts again at tax time because your Accountant can access your receipts directly from your BookPals account.

It’s time to make bookkeeping quick and easy – and get back to doing those things in life that are most important to you.

Yep – it’s time to start using BookPals!!!

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