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The Team That Strives Together Thrives Together!!! – BookPals

The Team That Strives Together Thrives Together!!!

I’ve been running my own small business for more than a decade now and my first job as an employee was way – way – back in 1978 so I’ve seen a few “interesting business situations” over the years.

But This One Takes The Cake!!!

and I have to share what I’ve been in the middle of lately with you because our Vision here at BookPals is to help small business owners put some sanity back in to what it can be to run your own small business – and this is an example of what happens when a business IMPLODES!!!

Let me set the scene – I have been providing services to a small business in my local area for about three years now – and in those three years the following has happened (just to name a few) –

Fights in the office between the owners and members of the public

Police attendance to the office over everything ranging from alleged theft to domestic disputes

Mediation meetings because the owners are constantly fighting with each other

Unexplained reasons why stock is going missing from the warehouse

Unexplained reasons why large amounts of cash are being withdrawn from the bank account

Interviews and statements to police over alleged fraudulent activity

Investigations that have revealed that a Director was having some kind of an affair with a staff member

Unfounded allegations of “questionable” business activities on the part of the business owners

Interference by shareholders on the day to day running of the business

Death Of An Owner (yep, an owner died – don’t worry, it was from natural causes!!!)

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself “This sounds like the script out of some kind of horror movie” you’re right but there’s only one problem –


and there is only one – yep ONE – reason why all this chaos is happening –


Look, if you’re a person who has started your own business – or is in the process of starting your own business – then there is a better than good chance that you have a BIG personality – with cojones the size of a freight train –  because you need these personality traits to take the plunge and start your own business, but here’s the thing –

No Business Can Grow Without Growing A Team Around It To Assist In It’s Growth

so regardless of how good you are – how much you know – and how much you believe that this business is “Your Idea” then you have to start getting used to the idea that at some point you will have others in your team that are going to assist you.

That’s why it is so important to stock up on a supply of “Humble Pie” in readiness for when your business starts taking off.




If you don’t keep reminding yourself of this, your business is (notice I said “is” and not “might”) going to suffer as a result.

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