How Easy Is That?!!!

“So, did you have a look at the video?”

“How easy is that?”

“Told you – all you need is your phone and the bookkeeping gets done in seconds.”

“Did you find out how much it costs?”

“Five bucks a month.”


“Yep, it’s only five bucks a month to use BookPals.”

“That has to be per person.”

“Nope – you don’t pay per person – you pay for the number of businesses you have.”

“That’s fantastic.”

“It sure is – wanna start using it?”

“I’ve just had a thought – I know it’s not another business, but could we use BookPals for our rental property as well?”

“I can’t see why not.”

“Can you find out before we sign up for this thing because I’d like to store all our receipts in the one place, but I don’t want the rental property’s receipts getting mixed up with the business receipts – you know our Accountant hates when we do that.”

“I’ll talk to the woman that told me about BookPals again because I am pretty sure her and her husband have rental properties as well.”

“Cool – we’ve been blundering through our bookkeeping for this long – a couple of day’s longer won’t hurt.”

“WE’VE been blundering through our bookkeeping?”

“Sorry darls – YOU’VE been blundering through our bookkeeping!!!”


We can guarantee you that they are going to be in for a pleasant surprise, but let them find out for themselves —-

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