Almost Over The Line!!!



“Did you get the chance to catch up with that lady at school about the investment properties?”

“Sure did.”

“And what’s the go?”

“They have three properties and have a BookPals account set up for every one of them.”


“Yep – they’ve been flipping properties for years and want to know exactly what each one owes them when they sell them so they run a separate file for each one of them.”

“And how much does that cost them?”

“It’s $5.00 per month for each of them, so everything – their business and all their properties – cost them 20 bucks a month.”

“So for us to do the bookkeeping for the business and our investment property it is going to cost ten bucks a month?”


“That’s fantastic – there’s only one problem —“

“Not again – what this time?”

“Hey, I am just being careful, that’s all.”

“Yes darling – what’s the problem this time?”

“What about getting all the paperwork for the business and our property through to the Accountant at tax time?”

“We’ve already spoke about this – you don’t have to – we give our Accountant access to our BookPals account and they can look at the receipts themselves.”

“Garbage – every year we get a phone call from our Accountant asking us to send through receipts for stuff that we have bought – that will never change.”

“Yes it will!!! Look – before we sign up for this thing, sit down with me and have a look at another video that BookPals has created that shows you how you share your information with people like your Accountant so that they don’t keep hassling you for receipts.”

“There’s a video about it?”


“Ok – let’s have a look at this video and if it is like you say, you’ve got me – we’re going to start using BookPals.”

“At last!!!”


“Nothing darling —-“


Have a look at the video they are about to watch here – do you think he will need more convincing?

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