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It’s Best To Be Sure!!! – BookPals

It’s Best To Be Sure!!!

“Ok – here’s how it works with our Accountant – see how easy it is?”

“So all we do is share our Books with our Accountant and they can check anything they want?”

“It’s that simple.”

“And we never have to search for a receipt again?”

“Yep – ready to join?”

“Sure am – what do we do?”

“We wait.”

“What? You’ve sold this thing to me and now you want to wait – why?”

“That friend of mine from school told me that BookPals is having some kind of deal on because it is getting close to the end of financial year so I want to see what it is.”

“What kind of deal?”

“She wasn’t exactly sure, but apparently they are going to let people use BookPals for free to make sure they are happy with it.”


“Not sure yet – that friend of mine is going to find out more and let me know.”

“This is getting better by the minute.”

“Looks like it ah?”


It’s true – there’s a really cool end of financial deal coming out shortly – we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to go —-

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