Oh No – It’s Almost Here Again!!!!








Do you have a calendar nearby?

Have a quick look at it – what’s the date?

Yep – that time of the year is here again –

End Of Financial Year!!!!

Ok, so here’s a question for you –

Are You Ready For Tax Time?

For all of you who have said “Yep”, well done – another year over and here’s hoping your business was heaps more profitable than last year and you continue to drive it to greater levels of success

For all of you who have said “Oh No!!!” don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

BookPals is here for you to get your receipts sorted quickly and easily for tax time

Here’s what you do –

  1. Head on over to the Business Owners Page at BookPals 
  2. Click on the Register Now button that’s there
  3. Type in your First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  4. Sit back and wait for the confirmation email to arrive (it’ll be there in a couple of minutes)
  5. Confirm that you’re you!!!
  6. Set up your business inside BookPals (it’s dead easy – just follow the prompts)
  7. At the part where you enter your payment details, use the coupon code EOFY18
  8. Get 3 months worth of BookPals ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!

That’s right – for all you small business owners who are groaning because you have been putting off doing your bookkeeping all year, you get full access to BookPals absolutely free of charge for three months so that you can get your receipts sorted for tax time.

And Guess What?

If you don’t want to keep using BookPals after you’ve sorted this year’s receipts, that’s ok –

‘Cause you can cancel your membership at any time!!! 

We’re confident that you’ll hang around – because we already know how easy it is to use BookPals – but “Trust Is A Must” when it comes to the financials of your business, so we’re not going to try and stitch you up by locking you in to some kind of fixed term contract like others do – if you want to cancel your BookPals membership after you’ve sorted this year’s paperwork out we’ll be sad, but we’ll understand – and we promise that we’ll still say “Hi” if we walk past you down the street!!!

Sign up for BookPals now and use coupon code EOFY18 to get 3 months free – you’ve got better things to be doing than to be worrying about tax time.

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