The Discussion That All Small Business Owners Need To Hear

There are times when you have a discussion with someone and after it is over you know that you need to let as many people as possible know about it.

This is one of those times!!!

I recently released a BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode where I had another chat with Pete Williams (we’ve had a couple of chats on the podcast over the years) and this time we spoke about his new book titled Cadence: A Tale Of Fast Business Growth.

If you are a small business owner, this is one of those books that should have been given to you the moment you decided to start your own business because I can say – hand on heart – that this book will give you a very clear insight into the “warts and all” aspects of starting and running your own small business.

Best of all, Pete has given BookPals Business Sanity listeners an opportunity to get early access to his book by being able to download an audio version of it when you order the hard copy – I have already listened to the audio version and it is an absolute “belter” and I am looking forward to the hard copy arriving (yep, I bought it) because I know that it is going to end up covered in hand written notes to help me drive BookPals to its greater levels of success.

Have a listen to our chat now and make sure you order a copy of Pete’s book (there’s a link to do so at the bottom of the show notes) – if you’re a small business owner, this chat – and Pete’s book – will seriously blow your mind!!!

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