Accountants – It’s Time To Breathe A Sigh Of Relief!!!

Ok – so you’re an Accountant who looks after small businesses and you have 2 or 3 clients who really struggle with their bookkeeping. It doesn’t matter how often you tell them that you need their receipts in some sort of order, all you get each year is a shoebox full of receipts to do […]

It’s That Time Of The Year Again!!!

Looked at the calendar lately? Yep – a week until Christmas!!! Looked at your small business owner partner lately? Yep – still walking the walls trying to get their bookkeeping done!!! Ok, so how’s this for a Christmas gift idea that will last a lot longer than some trinket that gets thrown in the cupboard […]

Wendy Weiss Is Holding Her Online Training Again!!!

Wendy Weiss – The Queen of Cold Calling – is conducting her online training called The 3-Step Formula for Nailing the Appointment without Rejection, Manipulation or Being Pushy again and you are invited to attend.

What You Need To Hear When You Want Your Business To EXPLODE!!!

Are you one of those small business owners who dreams of the day when your business will become something that everyone talks about? Well, if you have a goal of turning your business into that business in your town, region, or country that everyone knows, love and talks about then you’re going to need people […]

The Discussion That All Small Business Owners Need To Hear

There are times when you have a discussion with someone and after it is over you know that you need to let as many people as possible know about it. This is one of those times!!! I recently released a BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode where I had another chat with Pete Williams (we’ve had […]

Oh No – It’s Almost Here Again!!!!

              Do you have a calendar nearby? Have a quick look at it – what’s the date? Yep – that time of the year is here again – End Of Financial Year!!!! Ok, so here’s a question for you – Are You Ready For Tax Time? For all of […]

At Last – Small Business Shangri-La!!!

“Ok, so what’s the verdict?” “All I’m going to say is that someone is looking after us.” “What do you mean?” “BookPals has got a got a deal on because the end of the financial year is almost here.” “What kind of deal?” “We can use BookPals for free for 3 months to see if […]

It’s Best To Be Sure!!!

“Ok – here’s how it works with our Accountant – see how easy it is?” “So all we do is share our Books with our Accountant and they can check anything they want?” “It’s that simple.” “And we never have to search for a receipt again?” “Yep – ready to join?” “Sure am – what […]

Almost Over The Line!!!

“Hey” “Hey” “Did you get the chance to catch up with that lady at school about the investment properties?” “Sure did.” “And what’s the go?” “They have three properties and have a BookPals account set up for every one of them.” “Really?” “Yep – they’ve been flipping properties for years and want to know exactly […]

How Easy Is That?!!!

“So, did you have a look at the video?” “How easy is that?” “Told you – all you need is your phone and the bookkeeping gets done in seconds.” “Did you find out how much it costs?” “Five bucks a month.” “What?!” “Yep, it’s only five bucks a month to use BookPals.” “That has to […]