The Importance Of Keeping Your Eyes Open For The Inevitable

This week I have been working with a very heavy heart!!! 8-( I have a customer that I have been providing services to for over a decade – guess what kind of a business they run? A newspaper and magazine delivery business. If you’re already starting to say “Oh, oooh” you’re right – over the […]

Broaden Your Horizons And It Will Help Your Business

Well, the festive season is over and it’s back to driving our businesses forward!!! I know there’s a ton of irony in this next comment, but I always find the Christmas/New Year holiday period a time when some of the best business ideas for the following year start bubbling to the surface. In previous years […]

Who Said Karma Does Not Exist?!!! LOL

WHAT A WEEK!!! Have you ever had one of those weeks where you said to yourself- “How could all these things have lined up so perfectly all at the same time?” Well, this week has been one of those weeks and let me explain why —- Earlier this week I released a BookPals Business Sanity […]

The Christmas Present For The Small Business Owner That Will Last Forever

Ok, so it’s a little over a week until Christmas and you have a friend or relative who owns a small business and you’re thinking to yourself – “What am I going to get them for Christmas?” How’s this for an idea – subscribe to BookPals for them!!! Let’s work through this together to see […]

Such A Small Thing – But So Effective!!!

I have to share something that happened to me yesterday with you here today because – in my opinion – it is the essence of Quality Customer Service. I have been ordering a quantity of BookPals Polo Shirts over recent times because they make a really nice “touch” when we are out promoting BookPals at […]

Beware Of The Dreaded Overwhelm

I want to share something that happened to me last weekend with you because there is a very important business message in it for all small business owners. Let me set the scene – I wear prescription lenses and with the lead up to Christmas there have been a heap of “Buy One Get One […]

Well, Well, Well – We’ve Made The Paper!!!

Politicians get a lot of bad publicity about “shaking hands” and “kissing babies” but doing nothing to really help their electorate, but I must say that our local politician really is the exception to the rule. Tony Piccolo is the Member for Light – the local electoral region where I live and where BookPals began […]

Well, That Took Some Wheeling & Dealing!!! LOL

Phew, that took some “wheeling and dealing” but you’ll be happy to hear that the upcoming BookPals event at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre is now absolutely free to attend!!! If you’ve already checked out details of the event you’ll know that there was going to be a cost to attend but that didn’t sit […]