Things Are Looking Up!!!

“So how did you go with this BookPals thing?” “Honestly, you just have to check this thing out!” “Is it that good?” “I’ve never seen anything easier to use.” “Really?” “Look – I spoke to that woman I was telling you about at school the other day and it was like I was talking to […]

The Answer Begins To Appear

“Any luck finding someone to help you with the bookkeeping yet?” “No – but I think I’ve found an answer.” “Great – what is it?” “We both do the bookkeeping.” “Look – how may times do I have to tell you – I’m just no good at bookkeeping – I haven’t got a clue how […]

This Is Harder Than I Expected!!!

“So how did things go with finding a Bookkeeper?” “Don’t go there.” “Why – what’s up?” “Do you know how hard it is to find a Bookkeeper?” “What are you talking about? There’s bookkeeper flyers in our letterbox every week and you have told me about the Mums that do it part time at the […]

A “Very Frosty” Next Morning

“Hey” “Hello” “I’m sorry about yesterday” “It’s over – let’s not talk about it” “Don’t you think it’s about time we got this all on the table?” “What’s the use?” “What do you mean?” “Look – for as long as you’ve had your business we have been arguing about me doing the bookkeeping – you […]

Does This Sound Familiar?

“Hey” “Hey – how was your day?” “Yeah – much of a muchness really – what you get up to today?” “Nothing out the ordinary – school run, Mum’s place – the usual” “Hey, I nearly forgot – have you done the bookkeeping?” “How many times do I have to tell you – it’s your […]

This Is Going Straight To The Pool Room!!!

Ok, so if you are sitting there reading the title of this post and saying to yourself “What the Hell is he talking about?” then you obviously haven’t seen that iconic Australian movie called The Castle!!! Let me quickly set the scene for you – The Castle is a wonderful movie about a “Dinky Di” […]

The Importance of Filling The Gap

I’ve been having some really interesting discussions with BookPals users recently and I want to share a high level overview of them with you because a real pattern is starting to emerge about why they love BookPals. Let me start this conversation with a question – How Close Are You To Your Accountant? Now, I […]

Does Picking Up The Phone Still Work?

  Ok, so you’re a small business owner trying to work out ways in which to increase your sales and profit. You’re doing all the social media stuff. You’re doing all the online advertising stuff. You’ve even spent a fortune advertising your business on TV and radio. AND NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK How’s this for […]

Episode 128 – Wendy Weiss and Cold Calling – Yes or No?

Wendy Weiss – The Queen Of Cold Calling – returns to BookPals Business Sanity to discuss whether or not cold calling is as effective in 2018 as it was back in 2014.   Head on over to the BookPals Business Owners Tools Page and take advantage of the resources that Wendy Weiss has provided for […]