What Else Can Happen?!!!

You may recall in a previous post that trouble with Internet speed delayed the release of Episode 2 of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast. We expected to have the second episode ready for release today but guess what? There’s been another delay!!!! Everything was ready to go for the interview with Gordon Kay of Doing […]

Poor Internet Speed – Aargh!!!

Yesterday was supposed to see the release of Episode 2 of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast. For those of you who listened to Episode 1, you will know that our guest for Episode 2 is Gordon Kay from Doing Biz. Gordon is a business coach based in South Australia and we are going to have […]

Things Are Starting To Get Serious!!!

We have got to a point with the BookPals launch where it is time to get a developer on board to help us. The difficulty with a development of this type is that when you first come up with an idea like BookPals it seems relatively easy to put the specs together, get the system […]

The Importance Of “Downing Tools”!!

This week has been a significant week in BookPals, but for different reasons than you would expect. Everyone involved in BookPals has had the week off, so no “real” work has been done on the BookPals project!!! One of the directors has been away on a four wheel drive expedition and the other has been […]

Auphonic – How You Turn Good Into Great

Feedback from Episode One of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast has been fantastic. Not only have we received emails and calls saying that the ideas behind this podcast are great, but there have already been over 200 visits to the podcast page in the four days that it has been available. Thank you for taking time […]

We’ve Just Been Registered In iTunes!!!!

The BookPals Business Sanity podcast just had its registration in iTunes approved – Yaah!!!!!! Now you don’t have to worry about checking to see when new episodes are available – simply go over to iTunes and subscribe to our podcast and that’s it. Let us know what you think.

People Power – We Need Your Opinion

We cannot decide on a cover for the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast that will be launching shortly, so we thought that in the true spirit of community we will ask for your opinion. After all, when BookPals launches, not only will you have access to the easiest bookkeeping software you have ever seen, but as […]

Check Out Our Pinterest Boards!!

Pinterest is a funny “animal”. When BookPals first started we were not sure if marketing on Pinterest would work for us because what pictures can you use to promote bookkeeping? We were confident that we would even put ourselves to sleep if we pinned pictures of general ledgers and profit and loss reports, so what […]

Podcasting – Online Marketing On Steroids!!!

Well, it has been an interesting 24 hours!! If you have been following our blog you would know that we “tweaked” our Podcasts Page yesterday and the results were instantaneous!! Overnight we had a huge increase in visitors to our site. We usually have around the 5-7 visits a day to our website (be nice […]

Not Happy Jan!!!

We had a BookPals development meeting today and the general consensus was that access to the podcasts had to be changed. We have said from the start of the BookPals project that everything we do will be focussed towards making your life just that little bit easier, so having to click on the BookPals Podcasts […]