Frequently Asked Questions


What Is BookPals?

BookPals is a simple solution to record your business receipts. Instead of wasting hours entering shoe boxes full of paperwork into complicated bookkeeping systems, you simply enter your receipts into your BookPals account using your phone, a scanner, or by email – whichever is easiest for you.

What if I don’t like doing my bookkeeping?

That’s easy – there are Bookkeepers inside BookPals that are waiting to help you, so come in and once you’re ready to go, get them to do this chore for you.

What if I don’t like the idea of a bookkeeper coming to my address?

Don’t worry about it – once you start using BookPals your bookkeeper never has to come to your address again because they can access all your receipts from their own home or office.

Where are all my receipts stored?

All your receipts are stored in the Cloud and access to your receipts is password protected so that only you and those you want to have access to your receipts can touch them.

What if I need to retrieve a receipt?

You just go to your BookPals account and find the transaction and your receipt is right there for you.

What kind of computer do I need to use BookPals?

As long as your computer has a web browser and internet access you can use BookPals – you can even use BookPals on your tablet device if this is what you prefer.

You said that I can use my phone to store my receipts – how does that work?

All you do is take a photo of your receipt using your smartphone and then upload it directly into your BookPals account.

Can I send my customers their sales invoices using BookPals?

You sure can – all you need is their email address and you can send it directly to them straight from BookPals.

I prefer to give my customers their bills out of my invoice book – does this mean that I have to enter everything into BookPals again?

No way – just upload your copy from the invoice book and check a couple of numbers and that’s it – and best of all, the invoice out of your book stays in BookPals so if your customer says that they’ve lost it, you can email it to them again in an instance.

Can BookPals help me with my tax returns?

It sure can – all you do is give your Accountant access to your BookPals account and let them finish your tax returns without ever calling you again asking you to search through your cupboards at home for all those tax receipts!!!

What if my Accountant has a question about one of my receipts?

Your receipts are all attached to the transactions inside BookPals, so all your Accountant needs to do is click on the transaction and the receipt is right there in front of them to check.

I registered as a BookPals User but I am being asked to re-register when someone shared their Books with me – Why?

Check out the Pricing Page that’s next to these FAQs and the price is there – and it’s not a typo – that’s the price!!!

How do I pay for BookPals?

You’ll be asked to set up payment when you sign up, but remember that you get the first month free so you have a heap of time to find out whether or not BookPals is just right for you.

Am I locked into any kind of contract with BookPals?

No way – you can cancel your BookPals membership any time.

I registered as a BookPals User, but I am being asked to re-register after someone sent me an invitation to have access to their Books – Why?

Your email address login is case sensitive so make sure that the email address they have entered for your invitation is exactly the same as the email address that you registered as a user – if it isn’t, get them to cancel your invitation and re-invite you with the correct email address.

I can’t login to BookPals on my mobile phone?

That’s because the computer version of BookPals is a real pain to view on your phone, but there’s a much easier solution – simply use the BookPals Phone App to enter your receipts with your phone. 

The BookPals Phone App is available for both Apple and Android phones and it only takes seconds to enter your receipts into BookPals when you use it.

Download the BookPals Phone App here.

I’ve installed the phone app on my phone, but I still can’t put my receipts into BookPals?

Three questions – 

  1. Have you registered for BookPals yet? If not, you have to do this before you can login with the Phone App – click here to register for BookPals.
  2. If you’ve already registered yourself at BookPals, have you set your business up inside BookPals yet? If you haven’t set up your business, there’s nowhere for the phone app to send your receipts to. All you need to do is login to BookPals and then click on the New button (you can’t miss it) and then choose Business – follow the prompts to set up your business (it only takes a minute or two) and once you have your business set up you’ll be able to use your phone app to send your receipts to your BookPals account.
  3. If you’ve registered for BookPals and set your business up, have you logged in yet? You need to enter your login details into the front screen of the phone app to access the program (they’re the same login details you used to set up your BookPals account).