Time To Get The Podcast Started

How do you prefer to learn? Do you learn by seeing things, do you learn by hearing things, or do you learn by reading things? We are all different and because of this, we process information in different ways. As part of our commitment to making your life just that little bit easier, we will […]

First Up – Social Media

Ok, while we are working on the BookPals software development we would love it if you stayed in contact with us via our social media channels. After all, if you have any questions about BookPals and how it is going to make your life easier, how can you do so if there is no way […]

OK – Where Do We Start?

Have you ever tried getting a new software project off the ground? If you have, you will know what we mean when we say “where do you start?!!!” When you first come up with an idea it seems so easy – you know what the problem is, you know what needs to be done to […]