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The Right Way To Run A Business!!! – BookPals

The Right Way To Run A Business!!!

Ok, so you will remember in a previous blog post that I was grumbling about not being able to get a coffee while on holidays in Halls Gap?

Well, all was not lost on our trip there because what I also saw there was a wonderful example of quality customer service that I want to share with you here today.

While we were there we found out about a restaurant called Spirit of Punjab that serves Indian cuisine and as we all love a good curry we decided to head down there for dinner.

To say that the service there was first class is an understatement!!!

When you first arrived at the address what impacted on me the most was that you were greeted by images, statues and notices of the cuisine, together with a brief history of the region in India where the cuisine originates from.

What you find – in the carpark of all places – are all these quirky little statues and signs about the history and origins of the cuisine, so before you’ve even gone inside you are smiling about the upcoming experience.

When you head in to the restaurant you are greeted by smiling staff who show you to your table and provide you with a first class level of service.

Now, I have to explain something here – the place was a hive of activity for the whole time we were there (probably because there was nothing else open in the area!!! LOL) – there had to be several hundred patrons at the restaurant, but the hosts never rushed you or made you feel like they were in a hurry to move on to the next table.

Why? Because there were so many waiters there that it seemed like every table had its very own personal waiting staff!!!

What made me smile most about the place was that some of our group fancied themselves as “Curry Hardened” and wanted to go for the “hot stuff”, but when they asked for a meal that the host thought might be a bit too “warm” for them, this person would politely say “Are you sure? This dish is very hot.”

Of course one of our group pipes up with the usual “I’ve been eating curries all my life – I’ll be fine” comment to which the host politely smiled, accepted his order and walked off and it was most amusing to watch this guy’s face look like it was about to explode a little later when his meal was returned to him – he took a mouthful – and it nearly blew his head off!!! LOL

As I said before, the place was packed the whole time but the service was second to none and I must say that the whole experience was a wonderful example of quality customer service at its greatest (what a shame we didn’t order a coffee there ah?!!! LOL).

Are you providing your customers with quality customer service so that they rave about your products and services long after they’ve left?

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