Who said that the USA and Australia were different?!!!

Can you see any correlations between working out how “financially strong” a small business is in the chaos that is New York in the United States and identifying the “financial strength” of a small business in the sleepy hollow that is the Barossa Valley region of South Australia?

On the face of it you could not get two different parts of the western world, but what if I said to you that the principles behind finding out the “financial strength” of a small business in both these parts of the world are exactly the same?

Don’t believe me?

Well, we have proof – and that’s why we invited Katherine Dean of wealthtofreedomformula.com back on to¬†BookPals Business Sanity to show you why it’s true!!!

You would remember on a previous podcast episode we spoke with Pauline Murray who is a Financial Advisor in Australia and she provided you with the “Secret Sauce” to obtaining sound financial advice about your business.

Well, in this discussion with Katherine Dean – who is a Certified Financial Planner based in New York – we pose the same question –

“What does a small business owner have to provide you with so that you can give them sound financial advice?”

and it is most refreshing to hear that the answer in both parts of the world is exactly the same – AND – is right there in front of you!!!

Get ready to slam your business into overdrive after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

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