Another Reason Why You Should Attend The BookPals Table Talk

Ok, so here’s another reason why you should attend the BookPals Table Talk being held at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre on the 21st of November 2017 –

Cause it’s at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre!!!

“So what?” I hear you say, so to make things clearer, let me describe something to you and tell me if this sounds like you and your “business life” –

You are a small business owner who runs their business from home and you’re constantly interrupted by things like –

“MUUUUMMMMM – Billy won’t give me a turn on the computer”


“DAAAAADDDD – hurry up or I’ll be late for training”


“Darls, we need that back room for guests we are having this weekend so can you move your stuff somewhere else”

and you sit there with your head in your hands saying to yourself  “How can I get all this work done?”

The idea of working from home sounds great when you first start your own business, but then something happens

Life Gets In The Way

and it seems like you never have the time do get anything done to drive your business forward.

That’s why dropping in to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre to take part in this Table Talk is so important.

As well as joining in on a great chat – and learning how to quickly and easily sort your business receipts – you’ll get to find out about all the services and facilities business centres can provide to help you drive your business forward.

Meeting Rooms

Training Courses

Business Advice

Co-working Spaces

Interactive Media Facilities

Coaching and Mentoring Services

The list goes on and on —

So, instead of struggling to drive your business forward from some room at the back of your house, come up to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre – take part in the BookPals Table Talk – and find out what’s it like to have all the resources that the “Big Boys” have at a fraction of the cost.

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