Well, That Took Some Wheeling & Dealing!!! LOL

Phew, that took some “wheeling and dealing” but you’ll be happy to hear that the upcoming BookPals event at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre is now absolutely free to attend!!!

If you’ve already checked out details of the event you’ll know that there was going to be a cost to attend but that didn’t sit right with me because our goal here at BookPals is to always provide small business owners with cost effective solutions to their businesses, so why would we want to charge you to find out how good our product is and how much it is going to help you and your business?

That’s why I “hustled” my way around the presentation fee and now you can join us on the 21st of November 2017 at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and it won’t cost you a cracker to do so!!!

BookPals will make your bookkeeping quick and easy – you get a special bonus for attending – and the cost to be there is now ZILTCH – why wouldn’t you attend?

Join us at the upcoming BookPals event – your business life will get easier!!!

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