Well, Well, Well – We’ve Made The Paper!!!

Politicians get a lot of bad publicity about “shaking hands” and “kissing babies” but doing nothing to really help their electorate, but I must say that our local politician really is the exception to the rule.

Tony Piccolo is the Member for Light – the local electoral region where I live and where BookPals began – and to say that Tony goes out of his way to promote business initiatives in this region is an understatement because you’ll often see him out on the streets “banging the pavement” at our local events.

That’s why I was not surprised at all when Tony said “Let’s get an article about BookPals in the next edition of the Enlightened Newspaper” when we recently caught up for a coffee and a chat.

And today is the day when the BookPals article was released, so I wanted to give you a link to the article itself and to also share the whole story with you here and now –


I want to thank Tony for not only giving us the opportunity to talk about BookPals in his newspaper but to also highlight the importance of small business in local communities – every “juggernaut” in business has always started off as a “scrappy” start up and it is only through support from people like politicians and other people of influence in your local area that these same small start ups can start gathering the momentum they need to drive themselves to greater levels of success.

Thanks again Tony – taking the time out from your busy schedule to help us promote BookPals is greatly appreciated.

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