Beware Of The Dreaded Overwhelm

I want to share something that happened to me last weekend with you because there is a very important business message in it for all small business owners.

Let me set the scene – I wear prescription lenses and with the lead up to Christmas there have been a heap of “Buy One Get One Free” and “Buy One Get One Half Price” sales on for prescription spectacles so I thought I would drop in to one of the spectacle stores in a nearby shopping centre to see if I could pick up some new glasses.

What a mistake that was!!!

The only way I can describe it is like when you walk in to a nightclub (it’s been a few years since I’ve done this, but I still remember it well!!! LOL) and get blown back on your haunches by the sound that hits you as you walk in the door.

All you could see around you were glasses – glasses – glasses – they were plastered on every inch of every wall, stand and display unit in the premises and I just stood there saying to myself

“Where do I start?”

So what did I do?

I wandered around the place aimlessly for a while thinking “I have no idea where to start” and then I was greeted by a very pleasant retail assistant who asked me if I needed help.

I stood there for a moment thinking to myself “How do I politely say that I have no idea where to start” but the more I looked around the more I thought to myself “Too hard”, so I mumbled “No thanks – I’m just looking around and 30 seconds later I was on my way.

The moral to the story –

Don’t Scare Potential Clients Off Because Of Overwhelm

Don’t get me wrong –

I get that small business owners want to provide customers with choice.

I get that most customers don’t know what they want until they actually see it.

–  but you have to find that sweet spot between “What a great selection” and “How do I find anything here?”

Oh well, there are a still a couple of weeks to go before the Christmas sales are finished so hopefully I’ll find a supplier of spectacles that won’t blow my mind with the dreaded overwhelm!!! LOL

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