Such A Small Thing – But So Effective!!!

I have to share something that happened to me yesterday with you here today because – in my opinion – it is the essence of Quality Customer Service.

I have been ordering a quantity of BookPals Polo Shirts over recent times because they make a really nice “touch” when we are out promoting BookPals at events, training sessions and the like.

I get the polo shirts designed and shipped by Vistaprint because I have used this company for our business cards and the like in the past and have been very happy with the quality of their product and their speed of service.

Anyway, the other day I put in an order for another polo shirt and when I received it, it was the wrong size.

Long story, but I had ordered an Extra Large shirt the very first time I ordered one from them only to find out that it was too big for me (good to see the gym training is paying off!!! LOL) – so on subsequent orders I had been ordering size Large which is a perfect fit for me.

Where the problem occurred was that Vistaprint have a “Quick Re-order” option on their website and I had chosen the quick re-order of the Extra Large shirt instead of the Large shirt and even though I had changed the size to Large before finalising the order, their quick re-order option retains the original size and this is why I got the bigger shirt.

So, I jump on the phone yesterday all ready for an argument and guess what happened?

I tell them what happened – they apologise for inconveniencing me – and they immediately arrange for a size Large shirt to be shipped to me for no extra cost!!!

It Gets Better!!!

I asked them for a return address for the shirt that was the wrong size so that I could send it back to them and their reply is

“Don’t bother sending it back – you keep it as a Christmas present from us and thank you for your patronage.”

Now, on the face of it this might not sound like much, but put it in the context of the last time you dealt with a business that mucked up –

Did they make excuses for their mistake?

Did they make it extremely difficult for you to be compensated?

Did they try everything in their power to NOT fix the problem?

I reckon there’s a fair chance you have just said “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes” to each point because this seems to be the default tactic for most businesses these days, so for this to happen to me, it was like a breath of fresh air.

The moral to the story – SURPRISE YOUR CUSTOMERS – most of the time it takes very little to do so but the consequences of doing this can be far – FAR – reaching.

Oh – and as an aside – buy your marketing products from Vistaprint – they’re great!!!

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