The Christmas Present For The Small Business Owner That Will Last Forever

Ok, so it’s a little over a week until Christmas and you have a friend or relative who owns a small business and you’re thinking to yourself –

“What am I going to get them for Christmas?”

How’s this for an idea – subscribe to BookPals for them!!!

Let’s work through this together to see if this is a good idea –

Are they constantly grumbling because they hate doing the “admin stuff”?

Do you have to help them find receipts at tax time?

Is their partner (is this you?) complaining because they have to do the bookkeeping?

If you’ve said “YES” to any of the above, then don’t you think you’ll be getting the “hug of the century” when you subscribe to BookPals for them so that they can get their bookkeeping sorted quickly and easily next year?

And what’s this Christmas present going to cost you?

$54.00 for the year – that’s it!!!

And don’t tell anyone, but if you use the coupon code Merry Christmas when you sign up you also get the first three months free, so if your small business owner friend tells you that they don’t like BookPals in January, February and/or March 2018 all you do is cancel the subscription and your Christmas present hasn’t cost you a cracker!!!

Look – you can buy them some trinket that they will smile at and say “Thank You”, or you can give them a gift that they’ll appreciate all year – if you want your gift to be truly appreciated doesn’t it make sense to subscribe to BookPals for them?

Go on, just do it – subscribe to BookPals for them – they’ll be singing your praises long after the Christmas dinner is over.

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