Broaden Your Horizons And It Will Help Your Business

Well, the festive season is over and it’s back to driving our businesses forward!!!

I know there’s a ton of irony in this next comment, but I always find the Christmas/New Year holiday period a time when some of the best business ideas for the following year start bubbling to the surface.

In previous years this phenomenon has “stumped” me a bit, but this year the reason really smacked me in the face!!!

Let me set the scene to explain how this occurred – our family traveled from South Australia to visit relatives in a beach resort region of Victoria called Torquay (anyone reading this post outside of Australia, just Google “Torquay Australia” to get an idea of the place – it’s beautiful) and while we were there we met a heap of people who we had never met before.

People like parents of friends of the kids in our extended family – travelers (both interstate and international) – old people – young people – you name it and they were there.

Like all “first time small talk” meetings, after you get past the “Hi – I’m Dean – what’s your name?” the conversation almost always gets to “And what do you do for a living?” and here is where the opportunities lie!!!

Many of the people we met were small business owners themselves and loved talking about their business and their goals and dreams for the year to come.

Another interesting aspect of these discussions was when they started “opening up” about the things that their business was lacking to help them achieve success and (very quickly) the beginning of “alliances” began between people who needed help and others there who had access to the resources that these same people needed.

Let me share with you a couple of comments –

“If only I could get my foot in the door at the local council” to which a person replied “My wife works at the council – let me see if she knows someone there who you can talk to”.

“If only I had access to someone could drive my other truck – then I could be doing two runs instead of just one” to which a person replied “I was only listening to Dad grumbling the other day because he has nothing to do now he’s retired – he has his truck licence – I’ll ask him if he would be interested in doing some part-time driving for you”.

There were a heap of similar comments and it was a real eye-opener to see how much “business” was getting done while people were on holidays and enjoying themselves.

Why am I telling you this?

Small business owners never “turn off” – regardless of how much we read about the importance of doing so (don’t get me started on the “work/life balance” crap – sorry discussion!!! LOL) so opportunity is everywhere – all the time – if only you keep your eyes and ears open for when it presents itself to you.

Make sure you stay alert for new business opportunities wherever you are – you will bump in to them in the weirdest of places!!!

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