Snap, Swipe, Gone!!!

Don’t worry – this is not an advertisement about domestic violence.

Or is it?

Let me set the scene for you and you tell me whether or not this is you and your partner –

You start your own business and part of the “deal” is that your partner does the bookkeeping for the business.

It’s a great idea because bookkeeping fees will be another cost that you won’t have to worry about.

There’s just one problem – soon after your partner starts doing the books they start running out of time to do all the other “stuff” that they need to do

and then questions start 

“What happened to us having more time to ourselves?”

“What about the things I need to do?”

“Why am I still working when you’re sitting down watching TV?”

and all of a sudden this idea about doing the business bookkeeping turns into the worst idea in history.

What if the bookkeeping was as simple as snapping a picture of your receipt with your phone – swiping to the right – and forgetting about that same receipt until tax time?

Well, that’s exactly what happens when you start using BookPals!!!

Look – we could spend the next half an hour talking about how easy BookPals is to use but you have better things to be doing so how’s this for an idea –

Check Out How Easy BookPals Is Over On The BookPals Website

Could BookPals be just the thing that keeps small business owners out of the Family Law Courts?

If you and your partner are arguing time and time again because you both hate doing the bookkeeping then why don’t you check out BookPals now.

What have you got to lose and – more importantly – what could you lose if you don’t?

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