Could This Be The First Anti-BookPals Business Sanity Podcast Promotion?

This post could be the very first anti-BookPals Business Sanity Podcast promotion that has ever occurred!!!

I better explain – Sean Kaye of and I jumped back on to BookPals Business Sanity recently to talk about whether or not SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as effective in 2018 as it was when we first spoke about it back in 2014.

Sean’s been a long time BookPals Business Sanity podcast guest (at the beginning of this episode I even quip that I should be calling him my co-host!!!) and you – the small business owner out there looking for ways to drive your business to greater levels of success – always come away from a discussion with Sean with more great ideas on how to better promote and market your business.

Anyway, in this episode we start going in to how SEO has changed over the past four years and what you have to do these days to rank your website higher up in Google and then – all of a sudden – we start going off on a number of different tangents!!!

Don’t get me wrong, the information Sean provided while we “wandered off in to the wilderness” still provides you with small business marketing “gold”, but if you are an “SEO Purist” and are listening to this episode to find out about SEO techniques in 2018 compared to 2014 then we’re not sure if we have made our charter.

Have a listen to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity and let me know what you think.

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