The Importance of Filling The Gap

I’ve been having some really interesting discussions with BookPals users recently and I want to share a high level overview of them with you because a real pattern is starting to emerge about why they love BookPals.

Let me start this conversation with a question –

How Close Are You To Your Accountant?

Now, I know that most of you are going WHAT? but here’s the thing –

Isn’t what they do the one thing that keeps you out the “poop” with the

Tax Man?

Think about it – you run your small business – you make money – you pay the bills, feed the family and do all that other “stuff” that you do and then tax time comes around and what happens?

You go – “Holly Toledo – where do I find everything I need to give to my Accountant to keep me out the “poop” with the Tax Man?”

So what do you do?

You rummage through filing cabinets looking for the paperwork.

You (finally) give the work car a good clean out to try and find all those fuel receipts you’ve “left in there somewhere”.

You ring up your suppliers and get a “spray” when you ask them for copies of the statements and receipts that they have already given you throughout the year.

And when you finally get all this paperwork together and take it to your Accountant, they just stand there – look at you – and say

“What Am I Supposed To Do With All This Stuff?”

That’s why small business owners have started raving about BookPals because all that “stuff” simply disappears when you start using BookPals.

Instead of rummaging through filing cabinets, cleaning out the car and getting a “spray” from your suppliers, now – once you start using BookPals – you take a quick picture of your receipts with your phone – you send it to your BookPals account – you ring and/or email your Accountant and you say

“It’s all yours – now you can sort all the tax stuff out!!!”

Start using BookPals – it will bridge the gap between you and your Accountant.

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