BookPals for accountants

The days of shoeboxes full of receipts are over

How many hours of unbillable work have you been forced to do because your clients provide you with little more than a shoebox full of receipts at tax time?

You know the client – they’re on the phone to you all the time trying to get their bookkeeping problems sorted but grumble about the cost every time you send them an account.

What if you could get this same client to sort out their shoebox full of receipts themselves?

Well, now you can – by getting them to put their paperwork into BookPals themselves so that you don’t have to waste hours sifting through their shoebox full of receipts.

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Here’s how it works –

Set up your own BookPals account (it doesn’t cost you anything unless you create a business inside BookPals yourself).

The first time you login to your BookPals account this is what you’ll see –

All you do is click on the “Click here to invite your friends” section and you’ll see this –

You type in their email address – you click the Invite button and that’s it!!!

Your client gets an email saying that you have asked them to have a look at BookPals and if they like the idea they sign up.

  • 1. No more unbillable hours.
  • 2. No more disruptive phone calls.
  • 3. No more shoeboxes full of receipts.

Oh – nearly forgot – and when that same client calls you and says “And how much is this going to cost me?” you smile and say “$5.00 a month”!!!

Just a thought – how about setting up a BookPals account for them yourself and adding the 60 bucks to their bill at the end of the year?

It couldn’t be any easier – so let’s get started.

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