Such A Small Thing – But So Effective!!!

I have to share something that happened to me yesterday with you here today because – in my opinion – it is the essence of Quality Customer Service. I have been ordering a quantity of BookPals Polo Shirts over recent times because they make a really nice “touch” when we are out promoting BookPals at […]

Beware Of The Dreaded Overwhelm

I want to share something that happened to me last weekend with you because there is a very important business message in it for all small business owners. Let me set the scene – I wear prescription lenses and with the lead up to Christmas there have been a heap of “Buy One Get One […]

Well, Well, Well – We’ve Made The Paper!!!

Politicians get a lot of bad publicity about “shaking hands” and “kissing babies” but doing nothing to really help their electorate, but I must say that our local politician really is the exception to the rule. Tony Piccolo is the Member for Light – the local electoral region where I live and where BookPals began […]

Well, That Took Some Wheeling & Dealing!!! LOL

Phew, that took some “wheeling and dealing” but you’ll be happy to hear that the upcoming BookPals event at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre is now absolutely free to attend!!! If you’ve already checked out details of the event you’ll know that there was going to be a cost to attend but that didn’t sit […]

Another Reason Why You Should Attend The BookPals Table Talk

Ok, so here’s another reason why you should attend the BookPals Table Talk being held at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre on the 21st of November 2017 – Cause it’s at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre!!! “So what?” I hear you say, so to make things clearer, let me describe something to you and tell […]

Why You Should Attend The BookPals Table Talk?

Ok, so by now you know about the BookPals Table Talk being held at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre at 5.30pm on Tuesday the 21st of November 2017 and the one thing that’s going through your mind is – “Why should I attend?” There’s one really important reason (besides the fact that there’s nothing good […]

Now It’s Your Turn To Try Out BookPals!!!

Ok, you’ve been listening to me talk about BookPals for longer than either of us can remember. And it’s all well and good to provide you with screen shots and videos of how easy BookPals is to use. But you’re never going to get a true idea of how BookPals can help you and your […]

Third And Final Call – Register Now Before It Is Too Late!!!

If you are reading this post as soon as it has been released there is just under 9 hours to go before the start of Katherine’s Dean’s webinar, so it’s time to decide!!! If you still need convincing, here’s the first blog post I created telling you about Katherine’s webinar. And if this is not […]

Second Call – Register For Katherine’s Webinar Now!!!

Ok, so you have been hearing me “bang on” about Katherine Dean’t upcoming webinar for several days now and the webinar date is almost upon us, so let me explain why I think it’s so important to take part in it. The reason why I believe this webinar is so important can be found in […]

First Call!!! Check Out The Webinar Katherine Dean Is Holding Next Week —

Ok, so you would remember the fantastic chats that I have had with Katherine Dean of over the past couple of months on the BookPals Business Sanity podcast. Well, Katherine has just sent me an email to let me know about a webinar that she is holding next week and I wanted to share […]