Are You Certain You’re Costing Your Product Or Service Correctly?

If you have been following the BookPals Business Sanity podcast you would remember we interviewed Gordon Kay of Doing Biz. Gordon has just posted a very interesting discussion point on his blog that is well worth having a read of. It talks about whether or not you are really costing your product and/or service correctly. […]

Please, Please, Please Work This Time!!!!!!!

If you have been following the BookPals development and have been reading previous blog posts you will be aware of the problems we have had getting the BookPals Business Sanity podcast feed working correctly in iTunes. After 4 months (that’s right – months!!!) it looks like the problem has finally been fixed!!! As you would […]

Does This Help You And Your New Business?

Are you thinking about starting your own business and you’re saying to yourself “Where do I start?” Have you recently started a new business and are you getting overwhelmed with all the things you have to do when you first start out on this new journey? Well, as part of our ongoing commitment, where we […]

What Do You Think About The Facelift?!!!!

The BookPals website has undergone a serious “facelift” over the past week or so – say hi to the new look website!!!! We weren’t happy with the colour scheme and the amount of “noise” there – as we have said from the moment BookPals first started, our goal is to make your business life just that […]

Ok – Lets See If This Fixes Things!!!

Those of you who have been following the BookPals Business Sanity podcast may have noticed that we have rarely suggested that you go over to iTunes to subscribe to the podcast feed. The reason for this is because we have been having ongoing problems getting our podcast episodes to display in iTunes – the iTunes team […]

So – Where Are We at?

The latest episode of the Bookpals Business Sanity podcast has just been released. We thought that we would do a quick trip “down memory lane” in this episode to mark the release of the tenth episode (10 episodes already – I knew we had been keeping busy!!!!) as the guests interviewed to date have provided […]

How Strong Is Your Vision?

The past few weeks have been most interesting in the BookPals development. We have been interviewing some fantastic guests on the BookPals Business Sanity podcast and on more than one occasion the question has been asked, “So what is BookPals all about?”. Until this question was asked, I did not realise that this question would […]

Do You Really Know Your Whole Team?

As a business owner, do you really know your whole team? We’re not simply talking about your co-founders, partners and staff here – what about all those other “behind the scenes” team members? If you have to travel to conduct your business, isn’t your travel agent an integral part of your team so that you […]