BookPals for bookkeepers

Why waste hours travelling to your customer’s address?

How often are you sitting at a customer’s address doing their bookkeeping with one eye on the clock because you have to be somewhere else at a certain time?

  • School runs.
  • Sports events.
  • Catch ups with family and friends.

What if there was a way to do all your customer’s bookkeeping from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you?

Well, now there is – once you start using BookPals.

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Here’s how it works –

You sign up for a BookPals account (don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you anything to do this).

The first time you login to your BookPals account it will look something like this –

You click on the “Click here to invite your friends” section and you’ll see something like this –

All you do now is enter your customer’s email address and click on the Invite button – that’s it!!!

Your customer gets an email asking them to check out BookPals and if they like it and sign up you get access to their BookPals account straight away – absolutely free of charge!!!

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Now, here’s where the fun begins –

They put all their receipts into their BookPals account themselves and you do their bookkeeping at a time and place that suits you – not them!!!

It gets better –

Let’s say you’re doing your customer’s bookkeeping and you have a receipt – or a bank transaction – that doesn’t make sense to you.

  • Do you leave phone messages and wait for them to call back?
  • Do you send emails to them and hope that they read them?
  • Do you guess what the answer is and hope that it’s right?

The answer is “No”, “No” and “No” when you start using BookPals!!!

Have a look at this –

When you start using BookPals you can ask your customer any question you want about their receipts inside BookPals itself.

That’s right – if you get stuck on something you simply send them a message inside BookPals and continue on with your bookkeeping.

They get back to you as soon as they can and the next time you look at their account the answer is right there in front of you.

  • No more clock watching.
  • No more travel to customer’s addresses
  • No more guessing about business transactions

Oh – and all this is free for you and costs your customer the grand old total of $5.00 a month.

That’s right – 5 bucks a month!!!

BookPals makes bookkeeping a breeze.

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